"Well, I’m not laying my tongue over an inch of you, and that’s that. You could get Scropius to do it. Heard you two got pretty cozy at Cat’s big bonfire bash."


"Brilliant so you can get the rest of me and leave the one inch alone. I like," she chuckled and shook her head. "Cozy? is that what you heard? Because I distinctly recall getting angry with him for lying to me. Not sure what cozy really means."

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"She’s so hard working, she’s so down to earth, so grounded. And at the same time she’s so focused."

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Anonymous: What was your last boyfriend like and why'd you break up?

My very last one? That was two years ago I think. 

I didn’t even realize we were dating until they told me actually. I just figured he wanted to hang out with me a lot. And by a lot I mean too much. 

It was over some argument, no doubt. I got upset when he tried to hang out with me too much. I got angry when he bothered me about Scorpius and Albus. I was a bothered little thing, but to be fair I thought he was just being a nosy and bothersome friend rather than doing normal boyfriend stuff. In hindsight, it was really all my fault.


Anonymous: How do you think you'd feel is both Scorp and Al got girlfriends?

I’ve kind of ambiguously answered this question before.

It’d be difficult for me to say the least — very difficult I’d imagine. Scorp, Al and I have always had this little trio thing going on. It’s been like that for a long time and to change that would be to change how things have always been.

A lot would ride on who their girlfriends are in correlation to me. I don’t have to like them — hell I don’t even have to enjoy their presence or even what they look like. The fact of the matter is that they chose who their significant other is and even if I hate their choice I’d accept it. For me to be okay with them would require that I like them as two separate people before they get together. It’s hard for me to see either of them with anyone. More cause Scorp would never date someone and Albus is just…. well Albus.

I’d have to watch myself all the time, and I’d probably keep away from them for some time to gather up the fact they won’t be spending their time with just me anymore. 

In simple terms: I’d hate it and I’d have a terribly difficult time adjusting to it but accept it. If only because I’d go a long way to see my friends happy.


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"My dreams are becoming reality righ before my eyes. Careful about your ah.. Crevices, though. Chocolate’s tough to get off. And I’m sure as hell not licking it off you. You’re the licker in this friendship."


"Wha? Man how else are we going to get it all off? By washing it off? No man, you got lick it off and I will watch for my crevices, thank you for the concern. You gotta two way street me mate."


Anonymous: How do you define honesty?

Defining honesty is really difficult thing to do in my opinion. How do you explain being truthful? How do you describe integrity? They seem more like abstract ideas that combine together into this concept of what we believe is honesty.

By definition Honesty is considered straightforwardness with the absence of lying, cheating and so on. Some people could consider honesty an act of sympathy.

I don’t believe that to be the case in my opinion. Sympathy is a waste of time - those that supposedly “need” sympathy don’t want it. Those that want sympathy, simply don’t deserve it. 

Honesty is about being truthful - not necessarily sincere in your words or actions but truthful. Staying away from lies - even the smallest ones. No one is ever completely honest; sometimes with others and sometimes with themselves.

Though I suppose I’d define it by what honesty is: being straightforward. A trait that I find to be very important in any close relationship.

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Anonymous: What pro-team would you like to be scouted by?

I’m going to start off with any, just because if I’m even worthy enough to go pro — I’ll take it.

It’s a toss up. Between an English/Irish team and a team from Germany — because who doesn’t want to play on their favorite teams?

Montrose Magpies and the Heidelberg Harriers

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Adam listened to her as she spoke, his head tilted to one side nonchalantly. His expression was of indifference, but the wheels in his head were turning, processing what she was saying. Here was someone who was saying she liked his company, and not only was she a Slytherin but she too was a pureblood, and a well-known one at that. “Thank you for that lecture on friendship,” he waved a dismissive hand, “but how could you enjoy my company? I’m not exactly like your crowd of people. You might as well already have if you wish to be friends with me.” He considered her response for a moment before saying: “Ich werde jetzt diese gehen zu lassen. But don’t expect me to call you the same.”


"I like to spread my wealth of knowledge on how to friendships work — especially with friends," she added cheekily. She gestured between them as they spoke, "This is how i enjoy your company. We converse simply and without too much argument. You seem to dislike my company despite this you have yet to tell me to sich verpissen  or even hexed me. I don’t have a crowd of people. Sure Albus, Scorp and Cat are my best friends, but would I consider myself someone who only associates with them? Certainly not. We — as far as I’m concerned — are now friends. You’re stuck with me now.” Charlotte grinned at his words. “Certainly not. For you to do that would be for you to not be yourself I guess.”

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            “I’m glad waking up next to me while wearing
            men’s underwear was the turning point for
            you. My life’s work is complete. And I’ll be
            sure to keep my bad mouthing to a minimum.
            You seem to be connected to everybody in
            one way or another.”


"It was, if nothing else it was the turning point for us and that is what’s important." Charlotte waved a dismissively hand. "Bad mouth all you want. I’m a big girl, what’s the worse that could happen? I get offended by something you say, pft. Worse have happened to me. Yet I suppose that’s very true. I’m a grapevine of connections. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaws, Half bloods, Muggle-borns. Blondes, brunettes, red heads. Boys, girls, the people in between. If we’ve got some form of common grounds I don’t see an issue with being friends."


I am appalled that you would think I need food education, I know food, and my love for cinnamon buns will not overshadow that. Maybe I’ll just open a chain shop for them specifically.


Yeah, stick to buns Cat. Only buns. Never go away from the buns thing. You know buns like no one else does.

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